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Tips for Promoting Listening Skills

listening skills

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Being able to listen is critical to all areas of learning. Children need to be able to focus on what is important information in the classroom, and most of their day is spent listening to the teacher and to friends.

Parents must model good listening skills for children and show them how to be active listeners.

  • When your child speaks to you, show that you are interested and attentive. Keep eye contact. Ignore the phone or other distractions. Show that you are really interested in what your child thinks and feels.
  • Encourage your child to talk directly to you, and then model the habits of good listening. Children are more likely to talk and share when they feel important. You can share your thoughts to extend the conversation, and it strengthens your children’s confidence when you reassure them that you hear their ideas.
  • Listen patiently, as if you have plenty of time. Children’s limited vocabulary and experience in talking means they sometimes struggle through what they want to share with you. Maintain eye contact and stay focused on your child.
  • Try not to cut children off before they have finished speaking. Listen respectfully, as this is a skill you want them to be able to use.
  • Watch for your child’s body language and expressions. Find a quiet, uninterrupted time, and help your child express their feelings and emotions.

Parents play the most important role in helping to build the communication skills of their children. Children are influenced by how they see their parents interacting with others.

Parents who listen patiently, showing interest and attention, prove to be the very best teachers of listening. This gives their children the greatest audience in the world.

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