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Inanda Bosman

Inanda Bosman is a senior social worker with 20 years experience of working with children and families in the welfare and private work sector. She finished her Bachelors Degree in Social Work (Cum laude) and her Honors Degree in Criminology (Cum laude) in 1999. She completed her Masters Degree in Social Work with focus on Play therapy in 2007. 

Having worked as a social worker for two years in the United Kingdom she returned to South Africa and worked in the welfare sector. During this time she completed numerous courses pertaining to children and families. Between 2009 and 2011 she lived in Melbourne, Australia where she completed a course in Cognitive behavioral therapy with children and adolescents. Upon returning to South Africa she opened her own private practice specializing in play- and family therapy and has been in private practice ever since

Inanda is the happily married mother of four young boys. She is passionate about helping children to achieve emotional resilience. As Inanda has a child on the autism spectrum, she takes a special interest in children who do not fit into the norm.

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Nicole Coetzee

Nicole is a Social Worker with a special interest in play-based interventions with children. Trained in using Solution Focused therapy, trauma interventions and play therapy techniques, she started her career in 2017. 

From her early work in the paediatric wards of a hospital to her current role in private practice, she places great importance on helping children develop resilience. She aims to empower children by helping them develop the essential skills, mindset, and emotional resources required to navigate life’s challenges.

Nicole is happily married and is mom to a busy toddler.

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Nicolette Pretorius

The emotional well-being of children is one of the things that Nicolette is passionate about. She worked as a play therapist for the past 21 years and has 25 years experience of supporting families and children.

She is happily married with two daughters at University. She specially enjoys empowering children to deal with difficult real-life situations through the medium of play.

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Treatments and Diagnosis

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a method of therapy using the ‘language’ of a child, namely PLAY. This is a non-threatening way for the child to deal with deep issues and inappropriate behaviour. In therapy the child can experiment with new, more appropriate ways of dealing with problems.

Attachment based therapy and interaction analysis

Attachment-based family therapy encourages a cooperative relationship between parents and children. It is a non-threatening way of helping family members trust each other more and repairing relationships. An interactional analysis usually conducted at the start of attachment based therapy. An interactional analysis is a wonderful tool to discover the communication, power balance and dynamics between the child and parent. An interactional analysis is the process through which the parent-child interaction is observed and evaluated according to a theoretical framework.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma, whether it is a specific event, prolonged trauma or perceived trauma, is part of our lives. The therapists are equipped to support families in dealing with trauma. We believe in helping children and parents to become resilient in dealing with trauma as we cannot prevent it from happening. Somatic work, as well as utilizing music and instruments as therapeutic tools, are used in trauma therapy. Trauma therapy is provided by all the therapists depending on the age of the child.

Play based therapy can be helpful for:

-Dealing with loss and trauma
-Dealing with separation / divorce
-Social skills development
-Dealing with big feelings
-Highly sensitive children
-Sibling rivalry
-Problems arising from a personality clash between -parent and child
-Special needs children
-Emotional school readiness
-Preparation for new baby
-Preparation for medical procedures
-Preparation for immigration
-Preparation for new school/new grade
-and much more..


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Effektiewe, terapeutiese sessies by Nicole! Soveel ontlading gefasiliteer…baie dankie!
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Inanda Bosman & Associates has helped us so much during the years to raise a well adjusted little boy. We have been seeing the therapists on and off for the last 4 years. My son has someone that he can confide in. He can tell them his fears and worries and he knows that they are there for him. He trusts them with everything. I can see the difference it makes in his demeanour every time we went for a session. Then they also help us as parents to understand him better. How to handle certain situations and what route to follow in the future. I have in the past, and will with certainty in the future recommend Inanda Bosman & Associates to anyone in need.
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I am feeling so grateful to have been put into contact with Inanda Bosman & Associates. From the very first session my son loved it. Thank you Inanda for making him feel safe enough to express himself and for all the valuable info that you teach him. He looks forward to every one of his sessions.

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