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Natacha Latouf

My name is Natacha Latouf.

I have a Masters Degree in Play Therapy

Trained in using EMDR, CRM and Child-Parent Relationship Therapy

What I do?

Helping children to achieve their full potential and parents to gain confidence, is my ultimate goal.

By using Play Therapy, I help children become emotionally and socially strong and also boost their self-esteem. This therapy also allows them to become aware of any difficulties and empowers them to use appropriate techniques and make good choices.

When parents get involved in this process, it provides them with a sense of empowerment and achievement. I teach the parents the necessary skills through guidance and tips, and by using Filial Therapy or Child-Parent Relationship Therapy.

Through commitment and involvement, children and parents alike will benefit from the progress.

Natacha Latouf

Social Worker specialising in Play Therapy.
BA (Social Work) MDiac (Play Therapy)
Practice Number: 089 000 0347361
SACSSP: 10-19833


Services we offer

Play Therapy

Play is the child’s natural way of communication and a medium by which to sort out his world and make sense of it. While playing, the child can project his situation, express his feelings and bring it to the surface where he can acknowledge, experience and master it. Children and parents benefit from play therapy:
● Children who need to adapt to change in their situation, like moving to a new house, going to a new school, divorce of parents, receiving a sibling or immigrating.
● Children who have trouble handling a traumatic experience (hospitalisation, accident, crime, death).
● Children with unresolved grief after the loss of a family member, friend or pet.
● Children who have trouble making friends, who are shy and withdrawn in group situations.
● Children with low self-esteem and low self- confidence.
● Children experiencing anxiety, stress and fears at school (difficulty separating from parents in the morning, exam or test stress, fearful of certain people or activities), at home (anxious or fear to eat or sleep or go to the toilet, fear of people, public spaces and noises)
● Children being the victim of being bullied or the bully themselves.
● Children with aggressive, disagreeable or challenging behaviour (tantrums, not co-operating or listening, biting, scratching and spitting).
● Children who bite their nails, suck their thumbs or wet or soil their beds or clothing (potty training difficulty).
● Children who struggle with emotional regulation (highly emotional sensitivity).
● Children with psychosomatic symptoms (stomach-aches or headaches without a medical reason).
● Children and parents who have a strained relationship due to divorce, blended family, adoptive child situation.
● Hyperactive children (lack of concentration, hyperactive, impulsive, inattentive)
● Children with depression (lack of interest and motivation, suicidal)
● Children who have poor social skills (difficulty interacting in a socially appropriate manner with peers or adults).
● Parental Guidance (helping parents understand their children’s emotions and teaching parents acceptable discipline techniques to manage their children)- “Punishments and Rewards.”

CRM: Community Resiliency Model

● Teaches skills to help children and adults experiencing stress and traumatic stress reactions.
● CRM skills can be used as a wellness practice.
● Human beings respond to stressful and traumatic experiences in similar ways.
● Human beings are resilient and most are able to bounce back to their best selves after difficult life experiences.
● There is a biological reaction common to most of humanity after traumatic experience. A person is having a common experience to an extraordinary life event.
● Current scientific research is demonstrating that the brain can be changed.

The Community Resiliency Model skills come from the Trauma Resiliency Model created by Elaine Miller-Karas, LCW and Laurie Leitch, PHD.

Therapeutic intervention

Therapeutic intervention consists mainly of three processes:
● Assessment of the child.
● Therapy with the child as well as parent and child; and.
● Parental guidance and support.

School related: Separation anxiety, bullying, extreme shyness, victimization.
Medical related: Soiling, bedwetting, stool retention
Hospitalization: Chronic or terminal illness
Sleeping problems: Sleep training, nightmares, nighttime terrors
Anxiety: Generalized anxiety disorder, separation anxiety
Trauma: Trauma due to crime, birth trauma, medical trauma
Childhood depression:
Emotional problems: Related to neurological disorders ex ADHD
Loss: Ex divorce, death, emigration
Change in the child’s world: New baby, new school,
Behavior problems: Aggression, withdrawal, selective mutism
Emotional regulation:
Parental guidance: The parent is always part of the team. Parents are involved in therapy sessions, and guidance and support to parents are an integral part of the therapy.
School: When applicable, and with parent’s consent, observation of the child in class as well as feedback from teachers will be part of the intervention.

CPRT: Child-Parent Relationship Therapy

Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) is a 10-session model where the therapist teaches caregivers child centered play therapy skills that can be implemented with one’s own child, as well as cultivates more adaptive parental attitudes and perceptions of the child.

CPRT was derived from the filial therapy model of Guerney (1964). CPRT improves the quality of the parent-child relationship, in turn prompting improvements in multiple domains for the child and caregiver.

EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

EMDR is a neuro-therapeutic approach working on internal conflict caused by past trauma. Using a technique called Bilateral Stimulation, the “Adaptive Information Processing System” is activated, which moves the negative stored information to an adaptive and healthy position. More information on this incredible technique here


Heidrun Beyers
Pre-School Principal of Deutsche Schule
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"For the past 4 years our nursery school has had a close working relationship with Natacha. She did teacher training courses on special topics requested by us, advised us regarding situations that needed the special skills of an expert and took several of our children into therapy.

Natacha is very passionate about her work and this shows in her incredible commitment to every case. She takes a real interest in the people requiring her expertise and will provide help and guidance at all times. The results she has achieved with the children in her therapy are incredible.

She is compassionate and understanding, never judging but always helping. She is a professional expert in her field and we have profited considerably from her knowledge. I look forward to many more years working with Natacha."
Shirley and Willem
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"From that one evening in the beginning of the 2019 school year after our "BIG MEETING" with the kindergarten principle (who by the way has the biggest faith in your abilities too) and you took my phone call (in that calm and reassuring voice) way outside of office hours to listen to my hysterical explanation of the situation we found ourselves in, you immediately sprang into action and gave us a time to meet you for the parental evaluation the following day already.

We weren't sure what to expect and how something like play therapy would help us as we were also anxious for the additional $$$ that would come with the therapy sessions. OH BOY were we amazed (and remain eternally grateful) in the immediate changes your sessions brought to our son within the first month of attending them. You went the extra mile of doing school evaluations as well as consultations with the teaching staff on how to work and deal with our son and you were always available via whatsapp or email for any questions or concerns we might have had during the process.

You are amazing at what you do and you have the knack of dealing with kids in a way that we as adults don't always comprehend or understand or appreciate.

Thank you for helping us help our son to turn into the amazing little boy we know he is."
Chanel Long
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"I would just like to thank Natacha for the wonderful work she did with my daughter.

Savanna (9) entered Natachas practice struggling with neck pain from anxiety as well as low self-confidence.

Throughout the time Savanna spent with Natacha I watched my daughter bloom in front of my eyes. She left the center a different child, skilled on how to cope with her anxiety, her neck pain had disappeared and she now radiates confidence in everything she does.

I can’t thank Natacha enough for what she has done for my daughter and highly recommend her to any parent considering play therapy with her, for whatever reason."
Andrea Bohmer
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"Our son was being bullied at school and had a hard time controlling his emotions. The school suggested Play therapy and we went to see Natacha Latouf.

Natacha was very professional, but also very approachable. She listened to our situation and after that our son started attending play therapy every week.

Natacha helped him to identify his emotions and how to control them - be it anger, frustration or sadness. He learned how to stand up for himself.

Our son loved Natacha and every session with her. The play therapy definitely had a positive impact on him.

We left there with a heavy heart, but a better equipped and happy child and very relieved parents."
Name Withheld for Privacy
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"Natacha was recommended to us by a teacher at my son’s school. He was struggling with social situations at school in the east of Pretoria.

Natacha is kind and empathetic and worked with him to better understand and manage his emotions.

Natacha remains supportive and caring even though my son no longer goes to her for therapy."
Name Withheld for Privacy
Mum of a 3 year old girl:
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"Play therapy changed the way I see my child, it helped me understand the way she saw the world. It helped me to tune into her world and allowed me to parent optimally."

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