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Pretoria east therapy centre


390 Manitoba Dr, Faerie Glen

Pretoria East Therapy Centre

Pretoria East Therapy Centre is a multi-disciplinary therapy practice situated in Faerie Glen, Pretoria. It is a place where we work together towards brighter futures for our families.

The heart of PETC is the passion we share for high-quality, holistic, professional services for those in our community.

The positive results achieved by all our therapists, are proof of the numerous degrees displayed on our walls, the years’ experience and the dedication of each therapist.


We proudly host:

We are especially proud of the supportive and loving environment where each individual is handled with care and empathy. Parents can enjoy free WiFi, a cup of coffee and weekly exhibits while waiting for the therapy session to end.

We aim to ensure a happier, healthier life!

Available Therapies

Lunch box with sandwich, vegetables, banana, water, nuts and ber
Clinical Dietitians

Cecile, Samantha & Lucinda

(Icons) Feeding Success PETC-154
Feeding Success

SOS (sequential oral sensory) Feeding Approach

(Icons) Occupational Therapist PETC-136
Occupational Therapy

Elriza Janse van Vuuren

physical therapy tools for flat feet- balance pod

Bridget Herselman

play therapist pretoria east
Play Therapy

Inanda Bosman & Associates

remedial therapy practice in pretoria east
Remedial Therapy

Nicola Haarhoff

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