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Guidelines to Improve Attention and Concentration


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  • Ensure he looks in your eyes when talking to him. You can encourage eye contact by physical touch; on the shoulder or even on his face.
  • Give short, direct instructions. Ask him to repeat instructions.
  • When giving instructions you can use visual cues such as your fingers e.g. finger one: brush your teeth, finger two: pack your school bag. Repeat the instructions then with your fingers.
  • When he is busy with a task and he starts talking, don’t engage in the conversation. Assure him that you will finish the conversation when he is finished with the task at hand. Always remember to give him the opportunity to finish the conversation later.
  • Give them the opportunity to concentrate by not talking to them when they are busy with a task.
  • Set realistic expectations (time) for him to concentrate.
  • You can use a timer, for example a kitchen timer, to set the time limit. When the timer rings, give him a break.
  • Encourage task completion with good quality. Don’t just let them finish a task in order to finish, rather give a break and bring them back to finish with good quality.
  • Before you start with an activity, ask him if he needs to go to the bathroom. They love using the “bathroom-excuse”…

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