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Boost Reading, Brain and Executive Development

Boost Reading, Brain and Executive Development

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Neuroplasticity of the brain has been a well-known fact since the nineties. If the brain can be stimulated to fire, the nervous system can wire (Hebb’s axiom).

ReadLS is such a program. It is an innovative neural program delivered through computer technology and internet communication, motivating the client even as it challenges the nervous system to make increasingly more efficient adaptive responses.

The program is designed from a neural reading perspective designed to enhance efficiency in decoding skill, while at the same time challenging the working memory that is so needed for comprehension. In so doing, other executive functions, such as attention and problem-solving ability also improve.

Supports different diagnostic categories:

  • Being “behind in reading”
  • Dyslexia
  • Learning disorder.
  • ADHD
  • ASD.
  • When poor working memory and processing speed shows up in IQ scores.
  • Developmental Delays

Adults as well:

  • Help adults who have struggled with literacy, including spelling
  • Support working memory and attention and ability to multi-task
  • Executive functioning skills.
  • There is no age limit in brain plasticity, everyone has the capacity to improve.

ReadLS is a 40 hour program completed within 4 months (can be completed quicker).

There are 3 categories:

    • Cognitive Training is 15 x 1 hour session to be completed within 5 weeks.(3 X a week for 5
      weeks, or 4 X a week for 3.5 weeks, or 5 X a week for 3 weeks or 15 days in a row.)
    • Speed Reading is completed 1 minute X 5 days a week for 10 weeks, which will become
      available after session 9 of the Cognitive Training session has ended.
    • Additional Reading Exercises and games is approximately (depending on with level) 20 – 30
      minutes X 5 days a week for 10 weeks.
    • For best results, there should never be more than a 3- day break between sessions.

This unique computer-based program is a compliments not only reading proficiency, but also the integration of ocular-motor control, visual processing, auditory listening, and vestibular systems.

For additional information please see below 3 downloadable PDF’s

  1. ReadLS Info Sheet (577 KB)
  2. Understanding ReadLS (437 KB)
  3. ReadLS 6×6 (2 MB)

Contact Chereen Cloete
082 366 8170

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