Life Energy and Core Identity Program


Dr. Cornelia van der Merwe
MB Ch B, M Prax Med (UP), DA (SA), Dipl Verl. (SA), M Med (Psych) (UP)

I help people to reduce their anxiety with 60% in 4 days

  • Do you perhaps struggle to sleep at night because you are constantly anxious and feel that you have lost control over your life?
  • Maybe you feel like a failure and fear that you will not be able to provide for your family and can even lose your job?
  • Do you underperform and this costs you money because of low productivity, often sick and sometimes a negative energy around you?

For whom is this program:

  • For people that would like to grow and to experience healing.
  • If you ponder on existential questions like “Who am I?”
  • If you feel stuck in your life world.
  • When depression and anxiety keep you from living fully.
  • If you experience problems with your relationships – at work as well as at home.
  • If your past hinders you to function in the here and the now.
  • If your addictions enslave you.
  • If you feel like a victim of circumstances

What you can expect from this program:

  • To gain insight that your problem/symptom has huge growth potential.
  • You were not born to suffer.
  • It is possible to live a free and relaxed life.
  • Escape from the Victim Triangle.
  • You will receive tools to function rom your fore brain and not from your reptilian brain.
  • Learn to experience all your emotions and to be able to successfully regulate them.
  • Learn to recognize mistaken beliefs and to realize that you create your reality with your thoughts.
  • Learn how to change your subconscious mind into being conscious.
  • To use the power of meditation and visualization to create your own reality.
  • To tame the Ego and to live Soulful.
  • To rediscover your Core Identity to be free.
  • To let your natural Life Force Energy flow freely and to remove blocks.


  • This is a four-day live event that runs once a month
  • Time 09:00 am till 17:00 pm
  • It can be arranged anywhere in South Africa
  • Minimum of 4 participants

More information:

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